3D Game Programming with Javascript


Learn to code by creating three dimensional games with Javascript, the language of the web.  All coding is done in an online browser.

Link to the Online Editor


Starting project for week 3:  Avatar and trees

Starting project for week 4:  Fruit Monster Game

With the monster added (bottom of page 164)

Space bar makes him jump (no other moves work)

Fruit Monster Challenges (week 5)

Physics Playground – add more objects and set their positions and velocities to see what happens.

Tilt-a-Board – Start coding where the book says “Reset The Game” on page 182.





Links from previous years – these use older versions of the game libraries.

Projects from 2014

2015 Projects – Take a look!

Fall 2016 Links:

Falling Fruit

Starting point for week 3

dude with working jumping.

Week 4 Starter

Physics Playground

Fall 2015 Links:

ICE code editor.  This is where we start

An Avatar

Week 3 Starter

Week 3 Finished!

Week 4 Starter

Week 4 Half-way

Fruit Monster Challenges!

Physics Playground