Twelves is a game of sliding red, blue, and green squares.  When you start, you have a full board with twelve squares of each of each color.  It looks something like this, though every game is different.


Choose a square of any color that has another square of the same color right next to it, in the same row or column.


Touch one and slide it onto the other.

after_first move

You can slide a square along a row or column onto another square of the same color.  When you lift your finger, the two squares are combined.  Once some of the squares on the board are empty (black), you can slide across them.  The move below starts on the white highlighted square and ends on the empty square highlighted in green.

start_complex      end_complex

Keep moving squares until you can’t move any more.  Try to get three twelves!


When you are ready, you can play against your friends.

Privacy Policy

Twelves does not retain any user data at all.  


Learn Game Programming with Ruby

I have a book!  You can buy it in paperback on Amazon, or you can buy it as a paperback or ebook at the link below.  I wrote this book to help kids with a little programming knowledge take it to the next level – by writing games.