Learn to Program @ Home Summer 2020

Pre – Class

A list of things to do before class starts.

Monday, June 29

Slideshow – what we talked about together in class.

ide.cs50.io – This is where we go to write and run our programs.

Word Game Challenge – today’s programming challenge.

A free book about Python (free to read online – you could also buy a paper copy)

Tuesday, June 30


Turtle Documentation

Python Turtle Videos

Wednesday, July 1


Number Game

Some Number Game hints.

Thursday, July 2


Tic Tac Toe Starter Project

TicTacToe with colors – thanks to Madison.


  • Week of June 29 – Python programming: variables, conditionals, loops, and functions
  • Week of July 6 – HTML and CSS.
  • Week of July 13 – The Flask framework. Make your own “Personality” quiz.