Summer2020 – Getting Started

Hello, and welcome to Learn to Program @ Home. Our first class is on Monday, and there are a few things you should do in advance if you can.

  1. Make an account on Your username will be public so make it something you can remember but isn’t your full name. Mine is “sobko”. Don’t make your password too easy for someone else to guess, but make sure you remember it or write it down! After you make the account you’ll need to check your email and verify the account.
  2. Visit You need to use Chrome. Click the “log in with Github” button. Feel free to poke around, but you don’t need to do anything else now.
  3. Fill out the form here. You’ll need to enter your Github username exactly, and I ask you for a picture of yourself (I just want to use them to learn your names – I won’t do anything else with them).
  4. A little before 10AM on Monday, click the link below. If you’ve never used Zoom you might need to install it, but Zoom will help you do it.

I look forward to see you all and working with you for the next three weeks! Have a great weekend.