Word Game

The challenge

Make a word game that asks the user for some words. For instance, the program could say: “Give me a girl’s name”. And then “Give me the name of a food”. And then a bunch more questions. Maybe eight or so.

After the program is done asking for words, it prints out a story. The story will be a combination of a story you write, plus the words the user supplied. For the questions above, the story might begin:

“Once upon a time, Emily sat down to a lunch of asparagus. Her brother came into the room and ….

Make your story funny if you can!

Doing More…

Maybe you’re more comfortable with programming and want to do more with the story! Here are some things to try – you might need to look up how to do some things in Python – or you can ask.

  1. Don’t allow some words – say if your name is Emily – don’t let the user use that as the name. You might have to look up how to use “if” statements in Python.
  2. Say you’re asking for a noun. If the noun starts with a vowel, like “orange”, your story should say “an orange”. If it doesn’t start with a vowel, you should say “a turtle”. To do this one you’ll have to learn about Strings in Python, and how to find the first letter of a String. You’ll also need to use “if” for this one.

Or think of your own idea. If you have an idea about how to make the story experience better, give it a try.