icon for the myLS app
You can get the myLS app on the iOS App Store

myLS is an app that I wrote over the past nine years, starting in 2012. Its purpose is to help me (and others) keep track of the Block Schedule we use at Lincoln Sudbury Regional HS. It was completely rewritten in 2020 to take advantage of some new Apple technologies, and to account for the Hybrid schedule we used in the Fall of 2020. To learn more watch the video below.

A 5 minute video showing how to use the myLS app.

When you download the app, you’ll see a list of school days, with blocks. There are two types of user information you can add to this list.

By tapping the “Classes” button at the bottom, you can enter your classes and what blocks they meet. If you tap into a block from the list, you can make a note attached to that block. You’ll be able to see that note on other devices, if you use iCloud. You can even see your notes on the Apple Watch.

As the developer of the app, I have no access to your classes or notes! They are stored in iCloud and will remain private to you.

The myLS app supports two homescreen widgets.

The first one is a small widget that shows the current or next (if its not currently class time) block. If the circle is grey, its between classes – this one shows that my three day weekend is almost over! If a block is currently in progress, the circle will be blue.

The second widget is a large widget that shows the schedule for the current week. If you’ve added classes to your schedule (in the “Classes” tab as described above), they will appear in your week view.

I enjoy working on the myLS app, and I hope it’s useful to you. I sometimes teach a Mobile App Development class at Lincoln Sudbury, and maintaining a real app on the iOS App Store is an important part of my preparation for that class. If you have any ideas to make it better, let me know by email.